• Reviewed by: margiemarreronieves  on: 2021/7/3 8:30:39
    Buenos dias, estan tomando ordenes para entrega hoy
  • Reviewed by: adetcapuc  on: 2021/10/31 22:05:40
    4SC9V7 www.yandex.ru
  • Reviewed by: lct2010  on: 2020/7/10 15:53:37
    One person there made my experience so bad i wont go back. I walk in for my pick up order, one of the Chinese ladys is the hostess. She just stares at me and walks away. 3 minutes later a guy and girl had to ask if I've been helped. So the rude old lady comes back to me and asks "you want to sit down, you want to order, what do you want". I told her I had a pickup order, she says nothing and she walks away again. When I finally get my food, it's more expensive than the email said. She shoves my receipt in my face and tells me if I don't believe her I can check myself. I pay she does not say thank you or anything. You'd think when someone is spending $30 on a meal for one person, you'd get better service. So rude. The other 3 people in the restaurant was nice.
  • Reviewed by: loferdez  on: 2019/7/2 5:57:57
    Less than mediocre. And their advertising for $4 delivery totally bogus. Once was too much. Sad that Puerto Rico has no good Chinese restaurant. Kimpo Garden, from 1 to 10, is a 2.
  • Reviewed by: mrmichaelkenley6120  on: 2018/5/11 16:02:48
    Just had the juciest tender tasty melt in your mouth Ribs delivery! 100 percent from phone to my door. muy muy bien
  • Reviewed by: test  on: 2017/11/28 0:37:37
  • Reviewed by: claudioputnam  on: 2015-12-26T09:54:41
    Please save me a 2016 calendar if you still hace some available. Currently out of Puerto Rico. I'll be back january 5, 2016 and will order food to pick it up. Please confirm you can save me one. Thank you! Merry Christmas!!!
  • Reviewed by: latinamericanartmagazine  on: 2015-05-04T09:12:31
    ?We offer our publication as a means in which to promote and market their products and services without paying money.?It means that if our price of a full page color is $ 1,500, in return, we will receive credit only for their products or services by $ 1,500 dollars?The magazine Latin American Art prints 10,000 copies circulating for 6 months in art galleries, museums, shops framing, restoration studios artworks, art fairs, dealers auto brands and libraries in cities like Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles, Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.?Most of our effort is directed to reach new potential customers in each edition. We know that competition in advertising is strong and therefore we offer to pay in exchange, not money.?The deadline for the closing of this edition is May 1, 2015 and this edition will be distributed from May to September 2015
  • Reviewed by: h_bengochea  on: 2015-02-11T11:37:27
    The best chinese food i have ever eaten.The sushi bar is very creative and innovative.The service is very professional and warm.
  • Reviewed by: vikram  on: 2014-09-09T08:40:49
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